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Environmental Issues

"TotalPack's core business activity is the design, processing and supply of environmentally responsible packaging materials."

Our Vision:

Packaging policy should minimise the environmental impact of packaging over its whole life cycle without compromising its ability to protect the product. This starts with optimising packaging through:

• Designing it in line with sustainability principles, and with re-usability,
recyclability or recovery in mind – as a standard

• Delivering real reductions in packaging

• Innovation which meets the growing demand for re-useable and recycled packaging, across all types of packaging.

• Maximising the possibility of end-of-line recycling by material selection

Recycle to protect our Earth

Packaging and Waste

The amount of waste we dispose of keeps increasing, however the Government wants to break the link between economic growth and increasing waste. Surprising as it may seem, for packaging this has already happened.The number of packaged goods placed on the market is increasing; however the tonnage of used packaging is decreasing for two reasons:
1. Commercial and environmental considerations continuously push companies to design lighter, thinner packs.
2. We are recycling more used packaging.

The Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulations 1998

Environmental Legislation requires users of packaging to take measures to ensure that they are using only the minimum amount of packaging necessary, that the packaging is reusable or recyclable and that the packaging does not exceed prescribed levels of various heavy metals.

TotalPack strives to not only comply with these regulations, but produce our packaging with the environment in mind.

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