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About TotalPack

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations.

Businesses have a major role to play in helping protect and enhance the environment, in line with wider goals of sustainable development. The move to a sustainable, low carbon and resource efficient future also offers opportunities for creating economic growth and job creation.

The UK Sustainable Development Strategy

"...highlights the need for businesses to re-approach their corporate environmental responsibility and extend this throughout their supply chains by tackling issues like choice on raw materials through to the end-of-line packaging they discard."


We are fully committed to finding ‘best solutions’ in answering the packaging needs of industry using practical, more sustainable materials within a given budget.

Beyond that our experience offers design opportunities to reduce product damage, as well as warehouse and transport cost by space optimisation and payload reduction. Our designs even open up new possibilities for small and medium size businesses to transport fragile goods through the worldwide courier or pallet networks.

About Our Materials

TotalPack is the UK's number one supplier of BB Honeycomb.

BB Honeycomb is a lightweight, environmentally sound alternative to conventional timbers and plastics. It is produced from kraft-paper (linerboard) and water based adhesives, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether the need is shipping valuable, fragile materials or for applications that demand uncompromised strength, packaging using BB Honeycomb could be the ideal solution due to its versatility and availability.

Not only is BB Honeycomb strong and light, but it can also be made from 100% recyclable content, and is fully recyclable itself - therefore being much more sustainable than any other packaging material. Utilising BB Honeycomb can also help to reduce your carbon footprint as its light nature reduces the fuel needed for transit and shipping. TotalPack is fully supportive of Sustainable Rainforest Initiatives.

"Man shapes himself through his decisions that shape his environment."

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TotalPack - The UK's number one supplier of BB Honeycomb.

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Tel: 01691 839 248

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