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BB Honeycomb Applications - Die-Cut Void Fillers

Whatever you want to call it: BB Honeycomb Void Fillers, Honeycomb Fillers, Honeycomb Pads and Honeycomb Sheets are all a material consisting of a kraft liner formed into continuous uniform cells.

This distinctive cellular pattern and ability to bend and stretch into countless shapes and patterns, allows imaginative uses. The cellular form provides outstanding top to bottom compression, making it an ideal component to replace wood pallets. Honeycomb is also recyclable and biodegradable, and in many cases can replace the foam type products used in inner packing; known as void fillers.

Here at TotalPack, we strive in producing economically and environmentally friendly void fillers, tailor-made to extensively protect your product. Please see the examples below:

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Tel: 01691 839 248

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