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BB Honeycomb Applications - Protective Packaging

Using renewable sources to develop our packaging solutions reflects our commitment to the environment and we are constantly improving our packaging designs toward overall material weight reduction! Whilst Totalpack select the best solutions for each application from mainly paper-based materials our independence of each product type means we can choose without bias the very best solution for you the customer. Refreshingly there is no such thing as a ‘Standard’ & ‘Non-Standard Size’ in our eyes, we tailor design solutions to suit you !

Our engineering team can offer expertise in :

• Damage Limitation (and in a lot of cases eliminate losses altogether)
• Impact Protection ('Buffers' and 'Crash Pads')
• Transit / Handling Cushioning
• Increase Stackability of Palletised Loads (in storage or in transit)
eg/ where products cannot be double-stacked in transit due to fragility
we have design solutions to make this possible & so HALVE transport costs.  
• Protection around irregular shaped items (especially those not contained within boxes)
• Solutions for protecting even the largest of items.

Make irregular shapes regular for transit/storage.

Where product transparecy is important.

Simple, cost-effective BB Honeycomb corner protectors.

Eliminate stretch-wrap whilst offering significant increased edge/corner impact protection and product 'stackability'.

BB Honeycomb 'wraparound' products.

Double glazed round windows are given total protection.

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Tel: 01691 839 248

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