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BB Honeycomb Applications - Point of Sale

BB Honeycomb is light, strong, can easily be shaped into different forms, and is therefore an ideal material for displays. Designers can transform their creative ideas into any shape they prefer. Printed images can increase the communicative value.

Shelf Strengthners

Simple plain pad inserts are very cost-effective to strengthen promotional POS shelving - any size and thickness required.

P.O.S. 'Feet' / Pallet Base

Here at TotalPack, we are able to offer two unique designs to support your Point of Sale display unit:

- Moisture resistant high compression cardboard bearers.
- Laminated BB Honeycomb bearers (any thickness available.)

* Available in plain or self-adhesive version.

Printed Displays

- Available in almost every form and size.
- Available with print, colour and black/white.
- Unique models, limited runs.
- Ideal material for visual communication of commercials.
- Promotional Packaging.
- Shop window material.

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