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BB Honeycomb Applications - Export Packaging

Our formula is simple:
“BB Honeycomb + Solid Board Design = Big Cost Savings - Red Tape  + Peace of Mind”

Many countries around the world have now introduced stricter Import Regulations on the use of timber packaging & pallets. ISPM15 ( International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures: Guidelines for Regulatory Wood Packaging Material in International Trade) requires all wood packaging materials to be treated to prevent infestation by non-native pests. Approved treatments (Heat Treated - HT, and Methyl Bromide - MB) have not only added to the cost of wood pallets, but also made them more difficult to dispose of in environmentally friendly ways.

Valid Test Certification has to follow the timber packaged goods in transit so adding to the complication with having the correct & complete documentation available on importation. Irrespective of the quality of the goods being shipped, if the timber packaging does not have exactly the right accompanying treatment certification the whole container may be impounded.

BB Honeycomb Top Boxes and Pallets are completely devoid of all these regulations.

Transform this:

Into this:





Or this:

Into this:

Our designs can be tailored to suit Your product, Your handling constraints, Your system of storage & shipping whilst retaining ease of disposability of the packaging at the end of use.


On Air Freight there are major savings available due to the quantifiable difference in weight as compared to the conventional materials (ie, wood and plastic.) Whilst with Sea Freight it is simply the reduction in the volume of timber packaging (replaced by BB Honeycomb, Solid FibreBoard Frames or both in combination) where most of the cost savings are achieved, in addition to the end of line disposal benefits.

Health and Safety Benefits

The fibre-board materials used in the construction of our top boxes and pallets do not require any metal or wood materials, which eliminates the potential for hand, arm, leg and even foot injuries often seen with wood crates, cases & pallets. With no nails, no splinters, no broken boards and significantly reduced weights, BB Honeycomb designs provide a far safer alternative.

Weighing up to 70% less they can be easily moved about a facility, stacked for shipping, and lifted minimising the possibility of costly back injuries often caused by the conventional wood versions; which also require more time consuming mechanical handling equipment to move them around!

BB Honeycomb components in the panel take advantage of the lightweight but superior strength found when using hexagonal cells to create load-bearing structures. On Pallet Decks we provide 100% top-deck coverage, preventing materials and any loose product from falling through.

The material also provides an excellent cushioning and "seating" capability for loaded products, and in conjunction with our solid fibreboard strengtheners there is the possibility of strapping directly onto them by your requirements.

The main benefits of BB Honeycomb over timber:

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