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BB Honeycomb Applications - Arts, Crafts and Education

So versatile and cost-effective is BB Honeycomb that it can be used for an infinite amount of applications within Education, as well as the Craft & Hobby Industry. It is lightweight yet unbelievably strong, can be cut, glued and painted with ease, and being made of paper it is safe for all users.

Totalpack believe that BB Honeycomb is a “material of the future”.

- it has so so much potential for students, artists & designers alike…

* Being made from recycled paper & FULLY recyclable it ticks all the green boxes.    

* Its unique structure has an amazing load bearing capability yet contains very
little material – therefore it consists of mainly fresh air!

* Unlike corrugated cardboard it has a uniform structure so the boards are rigid in all directions.

Here are just a few examples of BB Honeycomb already in use:

Backing Boards for Crafts (ie/ Cardmaking)

Design projects in Pre-Schools , Schools , Colleges,

Backdrops for Theatres

Instant Exhibition Stands

Display Boards

Art Modelling (i/e Model Railways)

BB Honeycomb is available from Totalpack stock in a wide range of thicknesses and can be supplied in whole sheets or cut to your preferred finished sizes. These can be straight cut blanks or profiled as you require.

We can quickly deliver to just about anywhere in the World so whether you are an organisation or individual, if you have an idea or application to discuss please don't hesitate to call our technical team on 01691 839248 or drop us an email (see the link below.)

For your next project why not use arguably the most environmentally-friendly craft material on the planet…. use BB Honeycomb!


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